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Check out some of the attractions that await you, right here in this video…

There are a many things which appeal to the thousands of people that visit Majorca every year and I have a unique and unforgettable experience every time I visit.

Getting to your Majorca Holidays:

The island is a very popular destination for tourists from around the world and its airport at Palma, the capital, has flights frequently throughout the year and especially during the summer season, it is also possible to cross the Mediterranean Sea via ferry from Spain, a beautiful way to approach the island.

Spain, Mallorca, Cala Figuera, fishermen´s port

Majorca also has over 2,500 restaurants, which provides a huge variety of cuisine and price. If you decide to dine out then a fresh-cooked local-prepared paella is a must.


Welcome to your Majorca Holidays Island in the Mediterranean:

Majorca is one of the largest islands off Spain and is part of the Balearic Islands which lie in the Mediterranean Sea. The other three islands are Ibiza, Minorca and Formentera.

Although it is the largest of the Balearic Islands it only takes about an hour and a half from the north to the south of the island.

After visiting the island and researching it, the great history is all around you and this is seen while you drive through the old villages and buy your vegetables at the weekly markest.

The great thing about Majorca is that you can literary draw a line from Magaluf and Palma Nova which means the nightlife and the relaxing, peaceful surroundings are apart. But that doesn’t mean you can’t hop from one to another.

If you have visited Majorca, Why Not Tell Us About It…. Good or Bad, what was your visit to Majorca like?


Palma De Mallorca, Spain Forecast

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Water Parks in Majorca

Water Parks in Majorca, Aqua City and Aqua Land, are a great day out for the family of all ages. When the temperatures soar what better place to play and cool down…and what a great alternative to the beach.

Majorca Water-ParksOver two dozen hotels give you the chance to visit these parks as a package deal, along with a Western Park visit.

I have visited all three water parks. Aqua land a number of times with my family, Aqua City when I went with friends to Magaluf and Western Park when I joined friends during a two week vacation.


AquaCity – S’Arenal

The largest water park in Majorca and in Europe is situated on the South of the Island in Palma, Arenal. The park opens at 10am between May and October and consists of 16 swimming pools. There are a number of special offers for children under 12 yrs, school trips and groups. Children under 3 yrs go in for free and you can pick up discount vouchers easily from information centres.

Aqualand – Magaluf

This attraction is a smaller version of Aqua City. The main attractions are the Grand Canyon, the Banzai and the Devil’s Tail. The park is good for the children as it has a lot of shelter from the sun and there are many rides. Entry is €21 for adults and €13 for children.

Western Park – Magaluf

This Park in its name lets you know it has a Wild West style. The rides are old looking but are safe. Many of the rides are for the more willing. As Aqua land and Western Park are near to each other, I would recommend if you were taking children to visit Aqua land, as there is less shelter in Western Park and the park is less suited for children, as Aqua land is. Entry is €21 for adults and €13 for children.

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Valldemossa Map

Valldemossa Map for you to use to plan your holiday vacation. Use your mouse to hover and browse the map, or make it larger or smaller as you require.

View Larger Map

Map of Majorca HERE!


To navigate your way around the map you can use these methods

  • When you hover your mouse over the map, a hand will appear, hold down your mouse button and just move it, you will find that you can move across the map.
  • You can also use the arrows in the top left corner to move up and down.

More Detail

  • Click the + and – icon to zoom in and out of the map or just double click the centre of the map.
  • Keep zooming in and view the streets of Majorca.

More About Valldemossa Majorca HERE!

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Valldemossa Majorca

Valldemossa Majorca is a beautiful town in north-west Majorca. The town is one of the most visited and symbolic places on the island and sits on Serra de Tramuntana mountains.

valldemossa street majorcaValldemossa is surrounded by lush flora and is rich in springs.

The town still maintains its charm and the landscape provide a very aesthetic setting with the almond and olive trees that surrounds its unexpected miradors and steep streets.

Valldemossa has some Moorish influence and the traditional Majorcan architecture can be seen in the houses with its stone façades and semi-circular arch entrance portal.

The Plaça Pública square is the oldest part of the town, which has a more distinctive feature of Majorcan architecture.

Valldemossa Interactive Map HERE!

The town’s main attraction is the 14th century Royal Charterhouse of Valldemossa, which is a former Carthusian Monastery.

The monastery is the second most visited attraction on the island and is now a museum which holds some important art works including some work by Picasso and paintings by Antoni Tapies.

The monastery is also home to the 13th century Parish Church of Sant Bartomeu; the unique 17th century pharmacy and various cells and rooms of the former monks.

These include cell No. 2 and No. 4, which holds the piano and some manuscripts of the Polish composer Frédéric Chopin and the French writer George Sand, who lived for there for 4 months.

Be sure to visit the birth place of the 16th century Saint Catherine of Palma.

You can also visit the Valldemossa Hotel, which was once the Monastery Hermitage.

Take a look at our Guide to Majorca for some more great places to visit in Majorca.

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Vall Dor Golf Course

Vall dor Golf course began life as a 9 hole course in 1985, and was redesigned in 1993 by American architect Bradford Benz to make a full 18 hole course.

Bradford Benz appears to have succeeded in creating the classy standards more often associated with the cars that share his name, for Vall d’Or is a short but wonderfully presented course. The first 9 holes are set amongst pine trees, and have unrelenting views over the Mediterranean sea.



Tee Slope Meters Rating
White 131 5824 70
Gold 129 5585 69.9
Blue 127 5084 72.5
Red 126 4920 70.9

Click here to visit the Vall dor Golf Course website…

Tel : 971 83 70 01
Fax : 971 83 72 99

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Taxi in Majorca

A Taxi in Majorca is the best way to travel when visting the island for the first time. There are many taxis which make your trip unbelievable.

There are many exciting places to visit in Majorca. It is a perfect place to savor the beauty of nature.

taxi-in-majorcaThere are lots of tourist attractions and a taxi will be the a great way for getting around Majorca.

When you reach there, you will require a guide to assist you in exploring the different places. It is the best way to use your time because without some knowledge of the area you may not be able to enjoy it so.

This place is very famous because it contains some lovely Gothic architecture.

When you visit a place that is extraordinarily beautiful like Majorca you should explore the entire landscape. Majorca Taxi drivers won´t cost much and will take you for a tour of the area and cover all the special locations.

The fare of the taxis Majorca is based on the distance and is usually decided in advance according to what the tourist chooses.

You can take your family to Majorca and relish the natural beauty which is found everywhere.

If you are looking for more things to do on your holiday in Majorca, take a look at More Ways of Getting Around Majorca

All taxis based at Palma airport and the Taxitour service which takes visitors around the main tourist sites are to be fitted with special equipment to enable them to accept credit credit cards from clients, the Transport department ar Palma city council confirmed. The department said that the majority of drivers were in favour of the move.

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